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Group Class Info

Our school follows the Chinese HSK levels (similar to the European CEFR's A1, A2, B1, ... levels). 

On this page and sub-pages, we will provide more information about the group-classes we provide, their content, the schedules and also some associated videos

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A1 group class for beginners

We are using our own developed grammar teaching material, covering basic grammar: 

  1. How to order food in a restaurant and answer basic questions

  2. How to use question-words

  3. Various tenses (present, past, future)

  4. How to describe a location

A1 advanced book cover.JPG

A1 group class for advanced

This course focuses on the explanation of characters and helps students to find good and easy ways to remember them, so that the student can write smoothly a sentence

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HSK2 group class (A2...B1 level)

While basically following HSK2 course book (standard before 2021),  you will learn 200-300 characters which is enough to write simple letters.

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HSK3 group class (B1+ level)

You will be able to pass HSK3 level test

You will master over 500 Chinese characters

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