Group Class Info

Our school follows the Chinese HSK levels (similar to the European CEFR's A1, A2, B1, ... levels). 

On this page and sub-pages, we will provide more information about the group-classes we provide, their content, the schedules and also some associated videos

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A1 group class for beginners

You can pass the HSK1 exam and follow easy conversations in Chinese

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A1 group class for advanced

You start to learn basic Chinese characters and further enhance on conversations

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HSK2 group class (A2...B1 level)

While basically following HSK2 course book, you will be able to pass HSK2 level test. You will also further learn 200-300 characters and prepare for HSK3 course

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HSK3 group class (B1+ level)

You will be able to pass HSK3 level test

You will master over 500 Chinese characters

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Classroom:  Militärstrasse 90, 8004 Zurich