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A1 group class for beginners

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This is what we will learn during these 10 sessions: 

  • To tell people what would you like to order in the restaurant.

  • Introduce the name, nationality and can ask questions.

  • How to recognize the menu in Chinese characters, and ask questions about the food.

  • We will learn how to describ your location. 

  • We will learn how to make appointment at the time and location your wished.

  • How to  say different  drinks and without knowing much words, how to describe.

  • Ask the experience of where have you been, what have you done.

  • Able to ask many questions of number, location, how, what, where

  • Describe where the place is according the reference.

Ongoing courses at our location "Militärstrasse 90":



A1 Beginner - Practice new words


A1 Beginner - Sentences

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