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Our school takes pride in only choosing the very best teachers, after having undergone distinct training by us. Because we know that the quality of a school and the abilility of its students to learn Chinese is a good teaching faculty


Yanping Meiner Wang
Martin Meiner
Image by Perry Grone

Founder & CEO

Head faculty

Teaching language has been a passion for me since over 15 years. I started teaching expatriates living in Beijing, and gained a lot of experience. 

In Switzerland since 2015, I soon decided to pursue my calling and founded Sprachschule NiHao in September 2016. 

Especially my method of teaching, where beginners grasp the fundamentals of the Chinese language after only a few lessons gives me a great satisfaction


My passion is to keep a good structure and processes within the school, so that Yanping can fully focus in teaching and in training new faculties

All our teachers are well-experienced and trained to offer you an optimal learning experience. 

We ensure that they follow our teaching standard and course book


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