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Why Choose Us

Most of our students can reach HSK level 1 with 15 hours of learning, and are able to talk simple sentences, with such level students can travel through China easily.

After 40 hours Chinese lessons, students can hold conversations with Chinese people, talk about their hobbies, express their ideas, etc.

To pass HSK level 3, one needs to study for approximately 80 hours. At this level the student will master around 500 Chinese characters and can hold conversation on any topic.
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  • Our Teacher

    Our teacher has rich experience in teaching Chinese, she has been a language teacher for Europeans during 10 years while in Beijing. She understands students' needs. With a lot of practice in class and clear explanations, student could easily follow our own Learning Material reaching their individual goal.

    You will know how to form your own sentences, instead of just learn them by heart.

    We will show you how Mandarin works!









    We offer

    We offer Chinese Sprachkurs (SHK, business, any level) at your location as 1:1 or in a small group. Also you are welcome to attend classes/Kurs at our school in Esslingen (Kt. Zürich)

    Videos are available for learning, you can check our way of teaching, and more videos are ongoing.

    Feel free to contact us for any inquiry you may have or for book your first course!


    Chinesisch Sprachkurs

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