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Next up coming free group class Monday 17:45-19:15 start on 29th of April. FREE OF CHARGE, for a duration of 5 x 1,5h. For details check the "Group Class Info" Page.


I am offering, in a small circle, every now and then (irregularly) tea-courses in either Chinese language or in English.
With the help of this course, I'd like to bring closer to you the very long tradition of tea in China. We will sample different types of tea, and I will inform you about their origin, the way they should be prepared and what effect they have on the body.
Please inquire by email about the next possible course.
Note that by default, the courses are given in English language. But if you have had 20 or more Chinese lessons and are thus able to follow simple conversations, you may also join the Chinese tea-course. We are waiting for your participation!!

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