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The limits of my language are the limits of my world!
We offer 2*1.5 hrs group class (6-8person) 90mins course free of charge. To prove to you Chinese language is not difficult if learn in a right way.

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For register the free course in Zurich area, please fill up the application form below, leave a message of which group would you like to attend: A1 beginner; A1 Advanced, A2-1; A2-2 etc.

A1 beginner    10*1.5h Ability to pass HSK1
A1 Advanced  10*1.5h Ability to pass HSK1 with high score, travaling free in China
A2-1               10*1.5h Ability to pass HSK2
A2-2               10*1.5h Pass HSK2 with high score, simply speak in any topic.
B1-1               10*1.5h learn basic characters
B1-2,3,4          30*1.5hr Pass HSK3, reading and handle daily topic all in Chinese.

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